Mar 202010

Hey everyone, welcome to!  I’m your host, Marina!  This is the first post and officially the grand opening of the site!  Here you can view Danny’s artwork, as well as read his opinions and thoughts on art, animation, and music.  We’ll also have blogs on concerts, conventions and other events!

And I’m Danny, thanks for visiting!

There are several sections to the site.  First, there’s the blog on the homepage where new updates, blogs and all other posts will be shown.  You can look through all past posts in the “Blog Menu” on top.  The “Main Menu” features several informative pages, such as the About Me page, FAQ, Contact Form and links to friends pages.  Finally, we have the “My Artwork” menu, where you can see all of Danny’s art.  There are several sections within, such as Animation, Video, Illustration and Sketchbooks.  Be sure to check ’em all out!

Furthermore, there are different categories to new posts.  These are:

  • Update – New updates/artwork/maintenance announcements (further specified into News/Animation/Video/Digital Artwork/Sketchbook/Fine Art/Maintenance)
  • Blogs – Blog posts on concerts, conventions and events

Marina015Well then, let’s get to the first video!

This is my 2009 Demo Reel.  A “Demo Reel” is a short movie showcasing the best clips of an artist’s animation or video resume, typically between 1-2 minutes long. Think of it as a film maker’s portfolio!

2009 Demo Reel

Wow, that’s really impressive!

Fufufu, well of course it’s impressive, who do you think made all that~!!!

Let’s just move onto the next video…

This next one is called “Kensho.” Kensho was my Rhode Island School of Design Senior Degree Project, completed in May 2009. It’s a visual poem of what begins as a normal day in the life of a young woman but ends in spiritual catharsis. Translating to “true self” or “true mind,” Kensho describes sudden or brief enlightenment experiences in Zen Buddhism.


Hope everyone enjoyed that! Danny also gives special thanks to Dione Tan, the amazing composer who wrote the beautiful music for the film. For more information regarding the film including film screenings and awards, check out the Kensho page here!

Finally, we have a short film called “夏” (Natsu) or “Summer.” This was my final project for my Intro to Maya class in 2008. It’s a short, atmospheric piece reminiscing nostalgic memories of summer.

夏 (Summer)

And now we have some artwork for you all! This first batch contains all of the art from the “Digital Artwork” section, which includes some illustrations and character designs. As the name suggests, everything here was colored digitally!

And this next gallery features my non digital artwork! The first gallery is from my first sketchbook, “Creation Destruction,” while the second is fine art from college. Finally, the last gallery is stuff from way back in high school!

Quite a lot to take in! All of this artwork can be viewed on their respective pages, so please take your time to look through them all!

Hope you enjoyed the artwork!

Marina015v02Thanks for visiting! Check back often as Danny will be continually updating with new art and blog posts. Enjoy the site~!!