Apr 282012

Hello everyone to Danny’s Picks!  Today I’ve got a very nice short film called “Kagami no Genon” which translates to “Mirror’s Fundamental Tone” or “sound/phantasma/mirror.”  Both the animation and music is by Kojiro Shishido.  It won the excellence prize in the 10th CG-ARTS Student CG Contest, and was a selection in the 17th DoGA CG Animation Contest.


Kagami no Genon features some beautiful effects, particularly the light elements.  In fact, you could say that this is a film about light and the reflection of it; you realize that the “mirror” is the world around us and through it, one can begin to reflect inside oneself.  It’s a short, almost vague film, but offers tremendous room for self reflection.


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  • http://www.wavegardenarts.com Chris

    This was really moving even without a single line of dialogue. Maybe especially because it didn’t have a single line of dialogue. Such an elegant piece and the water effect in the ‘Waterway’ segment at the end with the hand in the water is incredible. Hard to say what strikes me more, the atmosphere or the composition of each scene.

    Brilliant pick, my sort of film!
    ~ Chris