Oct 062012

Welcome to this week’s Danny’s Picks!  Today I have a short film (very short film) called “Little Big War.”  Made in 2011, tt’s another short film by Wolf Smoke Animation Studio, which I featured in a past pick: Kungfu Cooking Girls.


The film features the “super-flat” animation style reminiscent of several Gainax or Studio 4°C animations such as Dead Leaves, Red Line or Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.  The general story here seems to be a war inside the sick boy’s body.  The two heroes dressed in white seem to be white blood cells (the immune system) while the disease is represented by the toxic city/soldiers with gas masks. The short film is a great example of a very direct, poignant story told visually through fabulous animation

  • http://www.wavegardenarts.com Chris

    Whoa, that was very slick. Hear what you are saying too about the super-flat animation style. Did see some shades of Gainax in there. Really liked that one, especially as at the end you totally piece it all together and it is a brilliant way of illustrating the subject. Very crafty piece, like it. Good stuff man!

    • http://www.dannykang.net Danny Kang

      Thanks Chris, yeah it’s really nice just how much they were able to jam into so little time!

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