New York Comic Con 2012

New York Comic Con 2012

Hello everyone and welcome to Danny’s blog post on…


This yea-


Whoa whoa whoa, slow down there Danny.  We have to start from the beginning!

…fine fine.  But let’s hurry!

As you can see, a lot happened at New York Comic Con and Danny’s very excited to share it with you all!  This year’s convention was held on October 11-14, 2012 at the Jacob Javits Center.  The convention started on Thursday, which was only open to VIPs, professionals, press and 4-day badge holders.  This meant a more relaxing day of shopping with less people!

Fufu, well although there were certainly less people, relaxing isn’t exactly the word I would use.  Even though it was only the first day, there was so much to see and do!  I spent the day with a friend walking the show floor collecting swag like a pro, as well as snapping photos.  We’ll have a gallery at the end of the post with all my swag and merchandise, but here’s the photos from the first day!


The video is a quick clip of the Tumbler from The Dark Knight.  The writing on the glass reads, “Weighing in at 75 lbs. this tumbler was used in the filming of scaled model Gotham City action sequences for ‘The Dark Knight.'”  Pretty awesome.

Danny then met David Mack again in the artist alley!

That’s right!  I brought my Kabuki: The Alchemy vol 1 to get signed.  This was the first book/artwork I ever saw from him so it holds some sentimental value to me.  He also gave me a signed first issue of his newest book, Daredevil: End of Days.  Everyone should definitely check it out, it’s an amazing read!

Danny also brought him some gifts, didn’t you?

Yup, I actually finished a new illustration recently, so I made a few prints to give as presents during this con.  Other than that, I also gave him a packet of circular graph paper.  I remember him pointing it out while looking through my sketchbook so I gave him the last packet I had lying around the house.  I guess you could say these gifts were from an artist to a fellow artist!  Check out the new illustration below!


It’s a very nice drawing, but why is she…

So awesome~?!

Right… Let’s just move on.

  • Nothinghere23

    XD I lolled so hard when he said “My precious”!

  • TheKashirader

    Yeah Go Yuu !!

  • TheKashirader

    LOL nice voice acting :)

  • justfansxxx

    her english is good!!! Nice!!!

  • LazeeSquirrel

    8:26 “Take my money!”xD

  • konatafan9

    i was there got her autograph was right next to her in the pictures . i got squished at the end because people were crowding her and since i was right next to her i got sqished i was the irl in the akatsuki robe i was itachi i had glasses . she help me get out of there

  • Blitz913thePDLeader

    YEEEEES! he is amazing! I didnt know he was at the con! also thanks for posting the Asakawa Yu Panel, i wanted to do it, but i cant record with my vita for long periods of time.