New York Comic Con 2015

New York Comic Con 2015

Marina000v01Welcome everyone to Danny’s blog on New York Comic Con 2015~! This year’s convention was once again held at the Jacob Javitz Center on Octo-


Marina002v04Hey hey hey, can you not interrupt me on the first line? I know you’re excited and all…

Danny024v04Ah, sorry.

Marina000v22*Ahem* So as I was saying, this year’s convention was held on October 8 – 11. As you may have guessed from his initial outburst, the main spotlight of this year’s NYCC was none other than the creator of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto!

Danny009v01Kishimoto-sensei had a panel Thursday afternoon on the main stage, so the first thing I did when I arrived was line up for that. Luckily though, NYCC had a system where you could get a wristband for the panel and then come back later, so you could see the rest of the convention. In past years, you’d have to stay in line the whole day!

Marina000v15The scary thing is I’m sure you would’ve been willing to do that…

DannyAni015And just before Kishimoto-Sensei’s main stage panel, he actually did a live twitch broadcast interview! It was on a small stage on the actual main show floor. I was able to record the entire thing from the front row seats which you can watch below (the people in front of me were sitting on the ground). Right before the interview started I also grabbed this selfie with Kishimoto-Sensei in the back, as well as a selfie with Chad Coleman (Tyreese from The Walking Dead)!

Marina002v03This really was a much smaller scale than the main panel stage. How do you put it… it’s almost a more “intimate” setting. Although there were still a ton of fans behind Danny…

Danny009v01I couldn’t bask in the happiness for too long however, because I had to run and line up for the main panel show!

MarinaAni000v16Bask in the happiness…? Well, New York Comic Con was kind enough to stream the entire main panel show, so here you go everyone!

Embedded Twitch videos currently only auto play. Click this link to watch the Masashi Kishimoto Main Stage Panel on the original page for now. I’ll update and embed the video when/if Twitch fixes the problem.

An Evening with Masashi Kishimoto.mp4_snapshot_07.24_[2015.10.17_06.01.03]