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"Art is not just art, music is not just music. I believe there is divine truth hidden somewhere within it.

What is my divine truth? I guess only time will tell, but I'm not gonna just sit around and wait. All I can do is pick up my pencil and start drawing..."

This is something I wrote in my sketchbook back when I was in high school, right around the time I was becoming serious about devoting my life to art. I don't know if I'd quite call it "divine truth," here's a bit on what I've discovered about my own artistic journey.

You see, when you draw you begin with an empty canvas - an open ended choice - and proceed by constantly deciding where to put the next mark on your paper. Whether it's conscious or subconscious, the answers to these questions unveils a bit about who you are in the moment that you made them. In fact, it's a fundamental idea in calligraphy that the nature of your lines reveals the emotional and spiritual state you were in the instant you made them. In other words, your drawings are a mirror that reflects who you are.

But as you keep drawing, you will inevitably improve. So as you continue to work on improving your drawings, you are also working on improving YOURSELF. As your drawings become more refined and mature, so will you. You'll have learned more about the world and how to see it, analyze it, process it. You'll be better at taking in information and reorganizing it with your creativity and critical thinking to create something unique and individual that only you could have made.

So in the end, I just try to be honest with my art and draw the things I love - from developing original characters and stories to fan art homages of the things that inspire me, things I grew up with or the latest show I'm obsessed with. I'm fascinated with philosophy, spirituality and meditation as well as science, science fiction and the nature of what makes us human. I like to capture fleeting moments in time and bring attention to details that would otherwise go unnoticed. I hope to show the world some of the beauty that I see in it and showcase how that's improved me, in the hope that maybe it can inspire, excite. or influence someone else out there. But I'm not gonna just sit around and wait. All I can do is pick up my pencil and just start drawing...


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